AN ANGRY Workington man turned violent as police officers tried to arrest him for an alleged assault, leaving one with serious mouth injuries.

Carlisle Crown Court was today shown body-cam footage taken by some of the officers involved, showing how 37-year-old former solider Malcolm Jenkinson struggled violently with the police officers for seven minutes.

The injured officer suffered broken teeth after Jenkinson threw himself at him, knocking him over.

The officer fell with such force his jaws "banged together", damaging his teeth.

The injury had left him suffering lasting effects and discomfort, the court heard.

The defendant then clamped his arm around the officer's neck, refusing to let go.

He was finally subdued after seven minutes, with colleagues of the injured officer using a pava spray and leg and arm restraints on the furious defendant.

Jenkinson, , of Church Road, Harrington, Workington, admitted an assault causing actual bodily harm on Sunday, April 5.

Brendan Burke, for the defendant, said his admission was on the basis that his behaviour was "reckless" with no deliberate intention to injure. The barrister spoke of "extreme events" in Jenkinson's childhood which helped explain the anger in the defendant.

Jailing Jenkinson for nine months, Judge Nicholas Barker told him: "Your behaviour... was appalling. You acted in the most arrogant and disgraceful way. Those police officers attended because they had a job to do. They were called to a disturbance related to a domestic incident at your house...

"It was your responsibility to assist them but you were obstructive and arrogant."

What happened was down to the choices Jenkinson made. The judge added: "Police officers don't go to work to be subjected to violence; they are there to undertake proper work.

"They don't expect to go home at the end of a day's work with teeth dislocated and broken. This court will protect police officers so that any of those who think they are fair game to be fought with will think again."