Youngsters at one Maryport school had a wheely good time this week – trying out a new sport.

Wheelchair basketball sessions were delivered for the whole of Ewanrigg Junior School by World Champion Nat Pattinson from NP Inclusive Sport this week.

The youngsters got chance to learn how to handle the wheelchairs and then had a go at playing the game of basketball.

Senior teaching assistant Eleanor Herbert said: “Our children have really enjoyed trying out this exciting Paralympic sport in their class bubbles.

“Nat has been visiting our school over the past few years to give the children an opportunity to experience this particular sport.

“Each class bubble group takes it in turns to get familiar with how to use the wheelchair by Nat organising little races then they have a fun competitive game afterwards.

“The laughter from the children in the playground while playing Wheelchair Basketball could be heard around the school and community, pure joy of children learning and having fun! Thanks to Nat Pattinson.”