A COUNCIL tax rise of nearly two per cent is on the cards because of the impact of the coronavirus.

Councillor Peter Thornton, deputy leader of Cumbria County Council, has said the increase is needed to protect frontline services after the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns put additional pressure on resources.

Here’s what you had to say about it.

Rose Sands said: “So we pay more and get even less? Sounds about right.

“Most of us are working two to three jobs and having to get into debt just to make ends meet.”

Reader John Forster posted: “An extra 68p a week, £35 a year doesn’t sound much does it, until you realise its gone up virtually every year since council tax started and we don’t get any more for it.”

Darren Ennis posted: “Just another reason for a single unitary authority, a mayor, and scrapping the district and county council which will see Cumbria access millions from central government.

“Cumbria is the least densely-populated region in the UK but has the most public representatives per head of population.”

Claire Machin said: “More for less. Oh brilliant.”

Clare Harmison said: “Seriously, this is one year where they could make an exception and reduce it or at least keep it the same. To put it up is just awful.”

Angelique Sansome added: “Surely it should be reduced for a year to give us some extra support.”

Niki Atkinson said: “That is ridiculous, people are already struggling.”

And Wendy Askew said: “It’s the most vulnerable in society who suffer yet again. Families are at breaking point.”