The Workington community has helped a secondary school in the town to fulfill an ambition of providing a richer education.

St Joseph’s Catholic High School in Workington is currently undergoing a major refurb thanks to £250,000 from the diocese.

First on the agenda is improved facilities for media skills and IT studies.

Headteacher Jacky Kennedy said: “It’s been in planning for about a year.

“We have been working very closely on it with the diocese and a building contractor.”

“This is about investing in the future. We really believe in practical skills.

“It’s not just about academic success.”

The new classroom, which has been dubbed a Creative Media Hub, allows the school to offer a wider range of skills.

“We’ve changed our curriculum, now that we’ve got this facility, we’ve introduced media for our Year 9s," she added.

St Joseph’s pupils are being schooled in practical media skills for the career options of 2020.

With their improved IT facilities, pupils are developing skills in video, photography editing and other forms of media.

Their sprawling new classroom, which was unveiled earlier this week, includes cutting-edge photography editing technology and software.

Miss Kennedy said: “This is the beginning of investment across the school.”

A spokesperson for the school said: “ At St Joseph’s we believe that practical subjects are really important and so we have invested in our curriculum to make sure that all students have access to creative and practical lessons.

“Thank you to all those who made it possible.”

Next on the agenda for their refurbishment will be updates to performing arts facilities.