Following a successful stint of running their own business, couple Daniel and Lauren Spriggs decided to take the leap and formally set up shop – and despite the current Covid challenges, they couldn't be happier with how it's gone.

After five years in the industry, based from their van, the proud owners of Define Flooring – our Trader of the Week – finally have a place to call home.

And while many traders are worried for the future due to Covid restrictions, both in-place now and for the coming months, the pair are excited to see how their business continues to grow, after a very warm welcome to their new base of Cockermouth town centre.

"The shop's only been open for four weeks, and we've already had so much welcome from everyone in the town," Daniel said.

"It's all been a bit mad because obviously things aren't very normal right now for anyone, but it's been really good to take the leap and open the shop and see a lot of people coming to us to get their floors done."

With Lauren in the shop and Daniel out-and-about installing stunning new floors for their many customers, they're delighted they took the chance to open, despite the difficulties caused by Covid – and their dedication and hard work is what's seen them take the title of this week's Top Trader!

Daniel said: "It was an interesting decision, I'll say!

"We've been sort of waiting for the right time, and I just thought it's now or never, really.

I don't really know I decided to go for it right now, because it is a bit of a scary time, but I just felt like I wanted to take that leap."

He added: "If we can open during a pandemic and make it through this really hard time, then things can only get better when everything's good again – let the good times roll."

And of course, the couple's gratitude to their customers is never ending.

"We just obviously want to say a big thank you to everyone who's come to us, and is coming to us, for their flooring," Daniel said.

"Cockermouth is a really nice town, and it's such a nice place to have opened the shop in because everyone has been brilliant, and just really welcoming.

"We're so grateful for the support, and hopefully there are plenty more good times ahead – and plenty more floors to make look nice!"

To find out more, including how you can snap up an appointment before Define Flooring is all booked up for 2021, visit the team's Facebook page and drop them a message, or call them on 01900 825766.