Here's our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, December 19.

Trouble Looms – Coronation Street (ITV)

It's looking like a frosty Christmas for Gary as the police hound him about Rick's disappearance and Maria begins to suspect he knows more about the matter than he's letting on.

When she finds him and Sarah arguing and he refuses to explain why his ex thinks he's a murderer, Maria throws him out. Her opinion of Gary gets even worse when Kelly turns up, asking him to get in touch with her dad for her, and he refuses to help.

Natasha reveals she's moving to London, but Sam wants to stay in Weatherfield with Nick. Leanne suggests he move out so the pair can spend some father-son bonding time together, leaving her to grieve alone.

Toyah and Imran are thrilled when social services ask them to take in a baby for Christmas, while David and Shona come to a new understanding, and Paul finally tells Billy the truth about Will.

Is It Ian's Last Christmas? – EastEnders (BBC1)

Ian Beale is struggling to get into the Christmas spirit and with good reason – someone is out to kill him.

The police seem to be making progress as they question Tina, while Jack shares an update on the case with Max, but a series of unsettling incidents leaves Ian convinced that the only way to stop the would-be killer is to make amends for his bad behaviour this year. He starts by trying to win over Bobby and Peter, but it seems it could be too little, too late.

The cops turn up to make an arrest, but who are they here for? And will it be enough to keep Ian safe as he returns to the Vic to find someone is there...?

Elsewhere, Denise gets a shock when she comes face to face with her ex, Lucas. She is especially stunned to see he's with Chelsea, but her daughter has some questions of her own regarding Raymond.

Karen is dreading her first Christmas without Chantelle, but Honey and Jay are so jolly after saving the Christmas community event from disaster, they share a kiss - just as Billy walks in.

Dreaming of a White Wedding? – Emmerdale (ITV)

Paddy plans to surprise Chas with a wedding on Christmas Day, but he's the one who's in for a series of shocks as he realises he's forgotten to invite anyone and the marquee company cancels his reservation.

Luckily, Marlon suggests they can use the pub beer garden as a venue and Leyla steps into help, so it seems the plans are back on track.

The organisers even congratulate themselves on the fact that they failed to invite the increasingly self-destructive Charity, who spends Christmas Eve rowing with Chas about Noah. However, when Charity overhears them, will she take her revenge by sabotaging the big day?

Elsewhere, Kim is moved to see Millie back at Home Farm for at least part of Christmas Day, but she thinks Jamie may have gone too far when he suggests getting back together with Andrea.

Al concocts a story so be can give Priya the slip and see his mistress, but just who is his mystery woman?

The villagers worry about Harriet, Laurel is full of self-loathing, and Paul and Liv's secrets are revealed - but will the news get back to Mandy?

It's Not Such a Wonderful Life – Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Christmas is often a time for reflection and Tony is busy asking himself where exactly it all went so wrong. Hopefully, he won't be looking to Edward for answers, as his father has a plan to ensure Tony never sees his family again.

Edward later tells Tony that Diane is dead, and as the net closes in, the doctor plots to poison his son.

Silas is also working on a menacing plan of his own as he sets about luring Bobby back to Hollyoaks so he can kidnap him. Mercedes is completely oblivious as she excitedly prepares for her son's visit, while Goldie has some explaining to do as she's accused of being the blackmailer's mole.

Martine feels down about the prospect of Christmas without Mitchell, so Celeste does her best to raise the family's spirits. However, Felix wants more than just drinks at the Bazaar - he wants Toby to pay for his crimes.

Cindy is desperate for the perfect Christmas, but it's Luke who ends up taking drastic action, while Tom fears he may not be Yazz's dream man.

Confusion reigns – Neighbours (C5)

There are only three episodes this week before the Erinsborough residents take a festive break.

Chloe is puzzled by Pierce's parting words about Nicolette, and while David thinks what was said might be true, Aaron doesn't believe any of it. Nicolette, meanwhile, feels she has to defend herself against the accusation.

Her attention is soon taken by Audrey, whose anonymous donation has left her confused - can she uncover why she made such a generous gift?

Sheila hopes she can find her way back into Clive's heart, and uses a chance meeting at the hospital to make her intentions clear. She also has to think about what their rekindled romance would mean for Nathan.

Kyle flies to Germany after hearing that Bossy's brain tumour has returned, and Bea can't understand why Levi isn't happy about her new relationship.