A LONG-RUNNING flower shop is still serving its customers in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

The team at Fearon Flowers are reverting back to contactless deliveries today as new restrictions require them to operate behind closed doors.

And they are thankful for the support of their community during difficult times.

Current owner Julie Carruthers said: “We’ve had great support, we’ve got good customers.”

Operating deliveries during periods where non-essential shops were required to close has actually gotten the word out about Fearon Flowers amongst the public.

Julie said: “We’ve had a lot of new customers during the lockdowns, people who were delighted that they could have flowers delivered.”

However, the pandemic and Brexit transition period has not been without its fair share of challenges for the family business.

Julie said: “Valentines is coming up, that’s on February 14, we might be able to open on the 15th.”

The Brexit transition period made it difficult for the shop to import the flowers they needed to satisfy demand.

Julie said: “Because we were so busy and because of the flower situation, everyone was worried about Brexit, we didn’t know what we were going to get.

“I had to close the doors. I’ve never had to do that before.”

However, she expects the confusion will pass: “All the suppliers will have been through the borders and they’ll all know what to expect.”

Fearon Flowers has been serving the Workington community for around 40 years.

“It was my great grandfather’s.”

And the team is continuing its work through the turbulent time for small businesses.

“It’s been okay. We do contactless deliveries and have done all through the pandemic.

“It just the fact that people can’t come in the shop and browse but we’re lucky that we can do the deliveries.”

She added that some businesses are fully closed during the pandemic.

To make an order with Fearon Flowers, call 01900 604645 or email: info@fearonsflowers.co.uk

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