A WORLDWIDE business that still has roots entrenched in Cumbria is doing something to give back to the community.

Since 1983 NRL has provided recruitment expertise to leading engineering companies from across the UK, including to the nuclear industry in West Cumbria.

It was formed by brothers Andrew and Hugh Redmayne in an office on the Sellafield site.

It now has nine sites across the UK and internationally and last year it had a turnover of £186m.

Not only does it provide recruitment services to businesses, it also helps workers find the right role to progress in their careers.

“Like it has for everyone, it (the coronavirus pandemic) has been difficult,” explained NRL director Rebecca Graves.

“We work mainly in consultancy in the nuclear sector and roles haven’t been as available.”

Despite the challenges, the firm has continued to offer support to individuals to help them find their way back into employment.

Now they have teamed up with LocaliQ and Newsquest Cumbria, the parent company of The Whitehaven News in the Working for Cumbria campaign.

“We thought it was our time to be able to give back,” explained Rebecca.

“It has been difficult, but we are delighted to be able to get involved in something like this.”

Rebecca said the business had recognised something very important during the pandemic.

“It has shown us the importance of supporting local people and the local community,” she said.

“We have to work together to get through this difficult time,” added Rebecca.

“Despite the challenging times we have all faced in light of Covid, there has been an overwhelming resilience. This has shown Cumbria is especially resilient.”

All people need to do to access free support from the company is to reach out to NRL

“All they need to do it get in contact with us and we will consult with them and offer the support they need to get a role,” explained Rebecca.

As part of its sponsorship of Working for Cumbria, NRL will provide the support free of charge for those that need it.

They will offer help on things such as CVs, career advice and interview support.

“We can add value in support services for those that need it. Recruitment is our bread and butter,” continued Rebecca.

“It is great to be involved in something like that in an incredibly challenging time for Cumbria.”

Rebecca said she was 100 per cent confident the county would recover from the impacts of the pandemic, but that “we still have a little way to go”.