READERS have voiced their opinion after a study claimed that wearing two face masks at once can increase protection from the Coronavirus by 90 per cent.

The research comes from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.
It suggests that: “Based on experiments that measured the filtration efficiencies of various cloth masks and a medical procedure mask, it was estimated that the better fit achieved by combining these two mask types, specifically a cloth mask over a medical procedure mask, could reduce a wearer’s exposure by more than 90 per cent.”
The US’s top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, has recommended double masking in the past, however this is the first research to also advise doubling up.
The study also found that an unknotted medical procedure mask alone blocked only 42 per cent of particles from a simulated cough, and a cloth mask alone blocked 44.3 per cent, however, the combination of the cloth mask covering the medical procedure mask blocked 92.5 per cent of cough particles.
Here's what you thought:
Ryan Beattie posted: "It's hard enough to breathe through one mask never mind two, it's just getting stupid now."
Lesleyanne Roper said: "One's bad enough, I don't have to wear them as I have asthma but I do. 
"I think of other people round me - I put it on before I leave the house and don't take it off till I'm home.
"I do feel for people who have to wear them for hours on end."
Alison Smith said: "I’ve been wearing two masks all the time now."
Iain Reece posted: "Holding your breath for the full duration of being out the house is a better option."
Debbie Mcguirk said: "It's bad enough wearing one for nine hours a day never mind two at once."
Kenny Burner said: "Money making scam."
Keren Thompson said: "It's hard to wear one nevermind two."