When Laura Morgan returned home being crippled in an accident in Denmark, all she wanted to do was hide away.

"I came home because, after a year in a Danish hospital, I wanted to be back with my own family. But, apart from family I didn't want to see anyone."

That was in 2005.

Since then, she has become a community leader in the village of Crosby, near Maryport, and has no time or inclination for self-pity.

An avid speedway fan, she had gone to Denmark with a speedway rider but came home after the car accident.

She received compensation and used it to buy Workington Comets. It was an investment of love but, as the popularity waned, it was also a project that was bleeding money. She eventually made the decision to close up - but not before the local club had a final year of winning every trophy going.

She also built houses on Moor Park in Crosby where she lives.

"We came here when I was four. Now I am 56. so I'm staying."

She has three daughters and five grandchildren who live within reasonable distance.

The first thing she did when coming out of her self-imposed exile was to resurrect the Crosby Amateur Music Society (CAMS), of which she had been a member before it folded.

She joined the village hall committee and has been chairman and "temporary" treasurer for three years.

"I came as the kitchen was being refurbished. Since then we have renovated most of the hall, including the toilets, and even have our own library."

More than that, she has helped in making the hall a community hub - and lockdown has not stopped that.

It appears she can still organise garden and sunflower competitions, Easter egg competitions for children and quizzes online and is looking forward to going back to art exhibitions, puzzle days and all the other post=lockdown events.

During October half term she, her mother Janet Whitehead ad friend Kath Mossom organised food for children who would normally have school meals - ad made two hampers of leftover food which raised£100 for the school in a raffle.And she is also a member of the parish council.Exile has definitely ended for this person of the week!