FAMILIES are being encouraged to think fair trade for the next fortnight.

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place between February 22 and March 7 and it has been hailed as “ a great opportunity for children to learn about and celebrate the people who grow so much of our food” by its organisers, the Fairtrade Foundation.

The Fairtrade Movement was started in 1992 and is a global movement made up of producers, companies, consumers and organisations, whose aim is to support farmers and workers in the developing world by giving them a voice, and helping them to stand up for their rights.

The foundation is encouraging the public to promote the importance of fairtrade products to their children or even students.

The symbol of a person with a raised arm in front of a blue sky can be found on all products that are fairtrade.

More details on living fairtrade are available on the foundation’s website.