Cumbrian hosts a number of unique dialects.

People from the region use an array of distinctive words and phrases, even those in different parts of the county use different phrases.

If you recognise what these 20 Cumbrian terms mean you're most likely from the area, or have lived here a long time.

The Cumbrian dialect draws on a range of Celtic and Norse influences.

Below we have collected some of our favourite words and phrases used in Cumbria - how many do you recognise?

"A’rs/A’s" - I am

"Arrished" - Motivated, or bothered

"Badly" - Poorly

"Charva/Charver" - man or friend

"Clarty" - messy or muddy

"Deek, Deekabout" - verb; to take a look or see something

"Donnat" - light-hearted term for fool

"Dookers" - swimming trunks

"Fyass" - pronunciation of ‘face’

"Gaan" - going, i.e. ‘what’s gaan on?’

"Gadgey" - man

"Gammerstang" - an awkward person

"Jam-eater" - Used in Whitehaven to describe someone from Workington, and vice versa

"Jinnyspinner" - a daddy long legs

"Ladgeful" - something embarrassing or unfair

"Marra" - friend

"Push iron" - bicycle

"T'ol fella" - father

"T'ol lass" - mother

"Yakka" - a farmer

Have we missed out your favourite word or phrase? Let us know what else needs including in the definitive Cumbrian dictionary.