Lockdown restrictions are slowly continuing to ease with the next set of rules being lifted on Monday.

It is hoped that by June 21, the UK will have fully left lockdown and we will no longer have to follow any restrictions.

As rules as continuing to ease, we asked our readers what they were looking forward to the most about lockdown ending.

Stephanie Graham said: "Shopping and drinks when I can cross the border from Annan to Carlisle again."

Ally Whitmore is looking forward to a trip to The Fairydust Emporium in Silloth.

Brian El Rincon commented: "An Indian with a few pints of cobra in a restaurant."

Susan Barton added: "Cafe's opening."

Charles W. Wood explained: "Knowing that a 200 capacity beer garden is open serving beer way out in Baggrow miles away. Five real ales. 47 different gins. And promotions. We even have a bike friendly section of our beer garden."

Paul Jones said: "The pub and a little bit of normality."

Robin Smith continued: "Pubs opening and all businesses too."

Gavin Neate commented: "A thriving town, not a ghost town."

What are you looking forward to most?