A MAN has been left with multiple injuries after falling down a crag and crawling for help.

Keswick Mountain Rescue we called to action after walkers discovered the injured man.

Coastguard Helicopter was quickly called in to help lift him from the fell side.

A spokesman fro KMRT said: "After a day in the fells a man was descending from Eagle Crag when he slipped and fell on steep ground.

"He suffered multiple injuries including a broken upper arm, lower leg and broken ribs. Being a long way from the beaten path his whistles went unheard so, as he said, in the spirit of the late Doug Scott and his epic descent of the Ogre he spent the next 3-4 hours crawling down the slope. Eventually he reached the lower slopes of Greenup Ghyll and was spotted by walkers.

"Fortunately there was a large enough low angle area close by that the helicopter was able to land light for onward transport to hospital."

21 team members – 3 hour 38 minutes