It’s not everyday grown-ups listen to seven-year-olds, but a dynamic duo from Cockermouth have been inspiring a community with their environmental work.

As the first lockdown shocked and worried the country, Phoebe Bishop and Kitty Kitson spent the time learning about their environment.

Watching the TV programme Springwatch gave them the inspiration and an idea about how little changes could make big differences in the world.

The two girls joined forces and created a leaflet to hand out to people in their street offering advice and giving ideas on how they could help pollinators thrive.

Some of the advice included keeping a little part of your grass long and planting the right flowers to attract insects.

The pair handed out the leaflets themselves and were very excited to find one of their neighbours was inspired to take action as a result.

Diane Moyes from Cockermouth said: “Last spring, two young girls on my street, put leaflets through everyone’s letter boxes encouraging us to put pollinator-attracting plants in our gardens, even listing the kinds of plants that would do the job.

“They had been learning about the importance of pollinating insects at school.

“I was already doing a lot for insects in my own garden, but this February I noticed that the former bandstand flower bed in Harris Park was just covered in grass and had been abandoned.

“So, inspired by the enthusiasm of the two girls on our street I decided to try and give it a make-over.

“I contacted the relevant officer at Allerdale and he was enthusiastic and gave me permission.

"I rounded up some of my friends in the Cockermouth branch of the Labour Party and we have now done half of the bed, removing the grass and putting in a range of plants that bees and butterflies like.

“We’re also planning to sow some wildflower seeds when the weather warms up.”

Both girls have now turned eight and Phoebe's dad, Richard Bishop said he was very impressed by what they had done. "There was a lot of good weather last year and they were both very inspired.

“I’m very proud of what they have done for the community.”

Pheobe said: “We wanted to make our community better and we just wanted to help.

“We have done lots in our garden to make it better and I even got a green Blue Peter badge for what I did last year.

Kitty added: “Our leaflet had lots of information on and I have noticed people have listened and left longer grass.

“It feels really good that adults have listened to us.”