Poppy Moore has suffered from migraines since she was a toddler.

But when she decided to raise money for charity her mother suggested one that deals with migraines.

However, Poppy told her: "Well cancer is the worst, isn't it?. My headaches get better but sometimes people with cancer don't."

The remarkable thing about this story, is that Poppy is only five years old, with a wisdom and compassion of someone 10 times her age.

She decided she wanted to help other children and she has - to the rune of £810 so far.

Her mum helped her look at children's charities in Cumbria and she chose the one she wanted to support.

Her hair - about 25cm of it -has gone to the Princess Trust to make wigs for other little girls and boys who need them and the money will go to Jigsaw, the children's hospice.

Lockdown has been difficult for her. Stress can trigger her migraines and being apart from friends and extended family meant frequent migraines.

That did not stop her, however.

When she told mum, Louise, that she waned her hair cut, Louise told her about the Little Princess Trust.

"She is young. i didn't really expect her to understand - but she was very keen to help other children.We've been told she is an old soul in a young body and I think she is.We are all so proud of her."

Poppy lives with her parents and little brother Isaac in Lawson Street, Maryport and attends Maryport C of E Primary School.

She was an early talker and was just over two when Isaac was born.

"She told me she had a bad head and then started vomiting," Louise said.

"You suspect the worst. She was in hospital for three days undergoing all sorts of tests. She is still under a consultant but the only diagnoses the doctors have been able to come up with is migraines.

"She is so good with them, too. She knows to put herself to bed when they happen."

Poppy is still fundraising. If anyone wants to help this remarkable little girl they can do so by donating to her crowd funding page https://gofund.me/1bf1dd2d