A SERVICE for busy pet owners is still going strong despite the Covid-19 pandemic and could be set to take off now that the public are returning to the office.

Lee Edmondson of Workington owns a fully insured service for the busy pet owner, Lazy Bones Dog Walking and House Sitting Service.

He set up the service in 2013 after returning from a working holiday in Australia.

“I was one of the first in the area.”

In 2021, there is a number of dog walking businesses available to West Cumbrians, but Lee said: “The good thing about dog walking businesses is we all work together, they all communicate.”

If Lee is unable to take on another client who makes an enquiry, he will pass them on to a fellow dog walker, or visa versa.

Dog owners can choose a solo walk, or a group adventure if they feel their pet needs time socialising with others.

More people were enjoying their dog walks as their hour of daily exercise during Lockdown which dealt a minor blow to Lee’s business.

“Before Covid it was busy but since the first Lockdown when I found out I could work through it went off a bit.”

Homeowners got a dog in rising numbers for company during the pandemic, Lee feels that this will work to his advantage as society reopens.

He said: “I think with people getting dogs during Lockdown when they go back to work it’ll start booming again.

Carers and NHS staff made good use of Lee’s work as whilst hospitals and care homes were under immense pressure.

“I’ve had a few carers’ dogs from day one (of the pandemic).”

Lee has repeat customers who he has developed a bond with.

“I gave a discount for the NHS just to say thank you.”

Pet owners in Workington, Seaton, Stainburn and Harrington can get in touch with Lee if they are stretched for time and need him to walk their dog.

“House sitting I haven’t been able to do for the last year.”

But he hopes to take on clients for that service in Maryport and Distington when Coronavirus restrictions allow.

“A few I’ll take camping with me rather than house sitting if they’re dogs I trust that I’ve had for a while.

“I’ve had one of them since day one.”

Get in touch with the Lazy Bones Dog Walking and House Sitting Service on 07513 401970 or via the Facebook page.

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