New Research reveals two Cumbria locations are the fastest to sell a home in the UK.

Thomas Sandersondecided to look at where in the UK it takes the longest and shortest time to sell a home so they could identify the areas that are in the most demand.

After analysing data from it was revealed that Queenborough in Kent is the easiest place to sell a home with an average of 138 days on the market.

The data showed that Dalton-in-Furness and Barrow ranked in the top 10 for the fastest to sell a home in the UK.

Dalton-in-Furness came in 8th place. Data shows it takes an average of 186 to sell a home.

Barrow came in 9th place with data showing it takes an average of 190 days to sell a home.

Surprisingly, the slowest areas to sell a home were all in the south with Windsor taking an average of 1,014 days to sell, Watford taking 912 days and London taking on average 903.

The fastest locations in Cumbria were:

· Dalton-in-Furness-186 days

· Barrow-in-furness- 190 days

· Cockermouth- 203 days

· Egremont- 217 days

· Maryport- 234 days

· Whitehaven- 234 days

Richard Petrie, Thomas Sanderson spokesman, said: “It’s good to see so many different areas in the UK appearing in the fastest 50 selling locations although we have noticed that overall it is taking longer to sell than previous years. This could be down to lifestyle changes and buyers being more careful.”