A Workington woman who was due to be sentenced for possessing heroin with intent to supply has seen her case adjourned.

Dawn Annette Hilland, 55, admitted two offences relating to the class A drug at Carlisle Crown Court last month.

Hilland, of Roper Street in Workington, committed the first offence on January 13 2019 in the town, while the second charge related to an incident on October 31 the same year.

She was found to have 3.4g of the drug in a bedroom at her home – but prosecutors accepted at an earlier hearing she was acting as a custodian for the heroin on behalf of others.

Hilland appeared at Carlisle Crown Court on Wednesday, May 5 to be sentenced. However, the case was adjourned until June 2 following a request from her defence solicitor, Kim Whittlestone.

The court heard that the defendant had brought new information to the court regarding her home life which could have an impact on her sentencing.

However, Recorder John Close felt the information was insufficient to make a decision and adjourned the case so more evidence could be brought to court.

Referring to the defendant and her husband, Ms Whittlestone said: “What I can say is they live a very chaotic lifestyle. Things are very difficult. They are currently living in a caravan.

“She has come prepared for custody.”

Prosecuting, Gerard Rogerson accepted the need for an adjournment.

He said: “The crown accepts the court needs the full information to determine the correct course of action.”

However, the judge warned Hilland that she would likely still face custody.

He said: “I want to make it very clear that all options are open. I don’t want her to get her hopes up.

“The defence barrister has asked for an adjournment.

“The reason you ask is that the information you have brought to court today is not enough for the court to make a proper decision, so your defence has asked for the sentence to be adjourned until we have medical evidence and information from social services.

“These are serious offences and the likely sentence will be one of immediate custody.”

Hilland was released on unconditional bail. She will return to Carlisle Crown Court in four weeks time to be sentenced on June 2.