Many litter picks are being scheduled to begin up and down the county.

It was for this reason that the Copeland Borough Council has put together a helpful list of information for prospective litter pickers and their groups to follow or be aware of as they set off cleaning the region's most affected areas, to be as safe and successful as possible.

The set of guidelines for community litter picking events is only three pages long and is available to download from the Copeland council's website.

The council has highlighted the importance of following these guidelines.

Numbered and easy to follow, some of the information is stating the latest Covid-19 guidance and may be of vital use for those who wish not to get out caught out by authorities for being in larger-than-necessary groups.

Groups are allowed to borrow equipment such as high-vis jackets, pointers, and bin bags from the council permitted they have enough for others who are signing up for the day.