A group of Maryport councillors have taken action to provide town centre public toilets.

Allerdale Independents councillors Iain Greaney, George Kemp, Adrian Kirkbride and Peter Little hired two portable toilets which were stationed outside Coun Kemp’s Lifeboat Inn pub on Shipping Brow.

In a statement, Councillor Greaney said: “The lack of town centre toilets in Maryport has been a concern for the Maryport Allerdale Independent councillors for some time.

“Although discussions have been ongoing with Allerdale Council in an attempt to move the issue forward, we feel we are now at a stage where action needs to be taken.

“As a result of the increase in tourists and also the number of residents using the town centre, we believe the need for town centre toilet facilities is now greater than ever before.

"Therefore, we decided to take action which will hopefully go some way to help resolving the problem in the short term.

"As Maryport councillors we have decided to privately fund the hire, siting and maintenance of two temporary toilets.”

An Allerdale Council spokesman said: “Our public toilets in Irish Street, Maryport, remain open – and have been open throughout much of the pandemic – on a reduced basis to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the council asks all users to follow the Covid-secure guidelines.

"Although the council has no statutory obligation to provide toilets facilities, we are happy to engage with local councillors, Maryport Town Council and any other interested parties regarding toilet provision in the town.”

Coun Greaney said he was aware of plans to address the issue in the long term but was concerned about the lack of facilities in the short term.

He added: “Moving forward there needs to be a short, medium and long-term strategy to the provision of toilets in Maryport town centre.

"As councillors stuck in the middle, we are asking the leaders of both Allerdale and Maryport councils to make this happen."