WORKINGTON Councillor’s have said more needs to be done for the young people of the town after reports of anti-social behaviour over the weekend.

The incidents occurred in the Bankfield area of the town with young people reportedly leaving broken glass and nitrous oxide canister’s along with rubbish in the old Italian gardens.

However, Labour Councillors have said that although they do not condone the behaviour, ways need to be looked at to provide to town’s younger generation with things to do.

Councillor Anthony McGuckin went to visit the site after reports were made over the weekend. of the canisters and broken bottles being left at the site.

He said:”I do not approve it (of the use of canisters and underage drinking), I definitely do not approve, because it can lead to people dying which would be devastating for our community, but at the same time it’s also about educating young people and making sure that they are safe and go down te right path.”

“I am not against them being there, because where else are they gonna go.”

“We do desperately need to collectively work out what young people need.”

“We were young once and after the year that we have all had it’s expected for youngsters to want to get together, but what we should be doing is educating them to respect the environment and respect the people around them.”

He believes the incidents have given young people a voice and would like to see more schemes Youth clubs back in the town.

Hi views are echoed by fellow Labour Councillor Mike Heaslip who also believes that councillors need to work together to find a solution.

He said: “We need to remember our commitment to young people.”

“What were going to have to do is find a place where kids can hang out.”