A West Cumbria workshop that was destroyed in a fire is to be replaced if plans gain council approval.

The structure at Joiners Yard, Cockermouth was completely destroyed following a fire in October 2020.

In a plan outlined to Allerdale Borough Council, it is proposed that a replacement of this building will be built covering the same footprint as previously existed to current design standards.

The fire damaged shed has already been dismantled for safety reasons and the site has been cleared.

The yard and yard buildings, although not listed, are adjacent to the garden wall which forms part of the boundary of Cockermouth Castle grounds.

The applicant has identified reasons that hat this application should be approved, stating: “It is considered that this proposal provides a suitable replacement infill building on a brownfield site.

They added that the redevelopment would represent an “effective and efficient use of the space on site, with a “sympathetic design and layout and a replacement building on an existing brownfield site."