Readers have had their say, following the revelation of the newly proposed constituency boundaries for Cumbria.

Under the changes, the county would have six MPs - but Westmorland and Lonsdale would be replaced by Morecambe and South Lakeland, incorporating parts of Lancashire, while Penrith and the Border would be replaced by Westmorland and Eden.

In addition, Windermere and Coniston would become part of Copeland and the Western Lakes. Dalston and Brugh-by-Sands would become part of the Workington constituency, which would extend to the boundaries of Carlisle.

And now, Times & Star readers have shared their thoughts on the proposed changes.

User, luaphal, said: "It's a power grab by the Tory party to make sure they can hang on to power as the bias is heavily weighted in their favour. Another nail in democracy's coffin."

Dante7thlevel commented: "Can't for the life of me see the logic of joining Copeland with Windermere, the inclusion of Keswick was daft enough.

"As for linking Workington with Cummersdale, that's just ridiculous.

"There seems to be no understanding of the sociological, topographical and communication issues in a county like Cumbria.

Reader, Masterpiece, added: "Looking at those boundaries, it seems every seat is now more difficult for labour to win.

"Cumbria is going to to have no labour MPs for a few years yet."

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