Calls are being made for action to be taken against anti-social behaviour in Workington town centre.

Workington Neighbourhood Policing Team have been patrolling the town centre in a bid to tackle the issue.

On Monday night two youths were found in possession of cannabis at the multi-storey car park on Washington Street.

Police managed to clear all groups of youths from the area.

However, one councillor is calling for more police patrols to help tackle the problem.

Councillor Ged Glaister, who represents St John's ward on Workington Town Council, said: "It's a problem in the town centre. It's not policed. If there's no one there to check them, they're just going to carry on doing it."

Paul Scott, who also represents St John's ward on the town council, said: "I think it's the way of the world. Kids have been locked down for so long now they're coming out and they're a little bit rowdy.

"It's unacceptable. They need to learn how to behave in day to day life.

"I do think a lot of the younger generation because they've been locked down for so long are getting themselves into trouble.

"Drugs are unacceptable. It shouldn't happen. I will support the police fully to do away with ant-social behaviour. I firmly believe the town should be a stop and search area.

Coun Scott would also like to see more police patrolling the town

" I don't think there's enough on foot. The first time I saw one was the other day. Get out of the vans and have a look around. It's amazing where you see these kids hanging around."

Antony McGuckin, who is also a town councillor for the St John's Ward, said: "It's clear there's a problem. There's clearly a need for educating young people in drugs and alcohol.

"I think we've all been youngsters and it's about them pushing the boundaries.

"We've got to make sure we're their safety net when they try to do that. When you put up a barrier and say no, they are going to do it anyhow.

"Where are they getting this stuff from anyway? Sadly, the people that are selling it don't care of the outcome. They just want the money."

Coun McGuckin said he was working to try and get a youth zone back in the town.

"We've got to find a way, collectively, of letting these guys know this stuff isn't good for them," he added.