Concerned residents have hit out at a housing development proposal, with fears that another new-build estate will cause chaos for neighbours.

An application for 16 homes at land north east of St Andrews Road, Stainburn, has been submitted to Allerdale Borough Council.

The plan outlines that the scheme will comprise of three terraced units, four semi-detached dwellings and nine detached dwellings, with vehicular access to the development direct from St. Andrews Road.

And while the applicant, Thomas Milburn Property Ltd, states that the proposal will “provide a quota of 20% of affordable dwellings”, and therefore benefit the community, many in the village are worried about the impact another development will have on the area.

Simon Pearson, resident of St Andrews Road, said that he and his wife, Kate, as well as many other residents have “quite a few concerns” regarding the proposal, including an increase in traffic, lack of amenities in the village, and – most worryingly for Mr Pearson – the increased risk of flooding.

“The site already floods every year,” he said. “I’ve been there with sand bags to help people whose houses have flooded, with water pouring into their garden and through their front doors, and it’s devastating to see.

“I’m very concerned that building yet another housing development – when it already feels like Stainburn is just becoming an ever-expanding housing estate – will make the flooding even worse.”

He continued: “Lack of green space is also a major issue for us all. Children use the field to play in, people walk their dogs there, so much wildlife lives there, but that will all be ruined if this development goes ahead.

“Why can’t people improve empty spaces by creating a really great green space, instead of making them worse by building more houses?”

Mr Pearson added that while Stainburn residents understand the need for more houses, to ensure everybody has somewhere to live, there are other areas that could be developed – and a threat to safety wouldn’t be created.

He said: “The road is already busy and dangerous enough as it is, so if there are more houses, and even more cars, it’s a concern because our children walk around the area.

“In an ideal world, the proposal will be looked at and rejected, and the green space will be improved instead, because that’s what we need.”

A borough council spokesperson said: "Anyone wishing to view or comment on a planning application being dealt with by Allerdale Borough Council can do so through the council's website."

The plans can be viewed on the Allerdale Borough Council website at, under application reference out/2021/0015.