A THREE-VEHICLE crash at a notoriously dangerous junction near Cockermouth has lead to further calls for safety action - from residents and Workington MP Mark Jenkinson.

There were long tailbacks on the A66 on Tuesday evening following a collision by the Broughton junction involving a Vivaro, Fabia and Fiesta.

No one was believed to be injured, said a police spokesman.

For more than 20 years campaigners have been calling for safety measures to be introduced between the Broughton and Brigham junctions on the busy A66.

More than 900 people attended drop-in sessions about plans to improve the busy junctions in 2014.

There was much delight in March 2019 when Highways England confirmed plans were under way for a four-arm roundabout between the junctions.

But residents feel little appears to have actually happened since then.

Highways England principal engineer John Ferguson said yesterday: “We are continuing to progress this scheme and have recently secured funding to begin environmental assessments, which will allow technical surveys to be carried out.

"This can take a few months because some of the work is seasonal.

"Once complete, we’ll apply for funding to move into the detailed design stage.

“We’ve made good progress in working with landowners to reach an agreement to acquire land for this project.

"We’d like to thank the landowners for the way they’ve helped with this smooth transfer.”

The scheme is proposed to be supported by the Safety and Congestion element of our designated funds, as part of our road investment between 2020 and 2025, said a spokesman.

"We’re currently reviewing which schemes should be funded and the order in which they’d be delivered, so the timescale for delivery of the roundabout remains subject to funding."

Parish councillor Sue Hannah said: "Everyone is very frustrated.

"It does seem to be progressing but in a very long-winded and torturous way."

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson said: "People have a right to be frustrated, there has been very little action.

"I will take this up directly with the chief executive of Highways England.

"We all know this junction is dangerous, any procrastinating is unacceptable."