A DESPERATE plea has been issued to tackle the problems around “selfish” parking on a gridlocked Lake District road.

Emergency services struggled to pass through Watendlath Road in Borrowdale this past weekend.

A heat wave coupled with easing Coronavirus restrictions saw visitors descent on the natural beauty spots in Cumbria.

Cumbria Police expressed frustration at the disruption caused by gridlocked country roads.

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for Allerdale Police said: “Selfish parking has caused large tail backs, cancelled buses and blocked ambulances at Borrowdale Valley.

“Heartbreaking to see babies crying in hot cars stuck in traffic due to selfish parking.”

Cumbria County councillor for Keswick Tony Lywood has received a number of complaints from residents: “The foul up with traffic this weekend was the worst I’ve ever seen. Bus services were effectively suspended and only a gap for one car to pass was left for a 200 m stretch below Falcon Crag which resulted in numerous tickets being issued for obstruction.”

“We welcome all visitors but we do expect them to park with respect and courtesy to other visitors and locals alike. The parking was so bad that emergency vehicles simply could not get down the valley.

“This is unacceptable. It’s my view that any private car entering the Lake District National Park not registered in Cumbria should pay an Eco Charge. The issue is not visitors which we welcome but the management of the two tons of tin they bring with them.”

Peter Tyson, who runs Caffle House Team Room in Watendlath contacted councillor Lywood about the issue: “This afternoon (Saturday) a lady came into the tearoom requesting an ambulance for her mother-in-law with heat exhaustion, after several cold drinks and a rest in the garden an ambulance wasn’t needed. I told the daughter-in-law the ambulance would never have gotten up the road.

“The queue of traffic trying to get into Keswick this afternoon was well past Kettlewell.” The pop up car park near Newlands is totally in adequate.”