A RAPE victim said it has had a 'dramatic impact' on her life as her rapist was finally brought to justice after three decades.

Michael Connors, now 48 and also known as John Connors, raped one teenage girl and molested another in West Cumbria.

He absconded to southern Ireland three decades ago having been due appear at Carlisle Crown Court in November, 1990.

He remained there but was brought to justice after he was arrested for a minor offence and his DNA was shared on an EU-wide database.

In a recently-provided victim impact statement, the woman he had raped as a child said the incident had a “dramatic impact” on her life.

“When she was informed the police were closing in, as she puts it, on the defendant, she was happy that he could answer for what he had done,” said prosecutor Peter Warne.

“On the other hand it brought back every feeling she had spent 30 years trying to suppress.”

Of the indecent assault victim, the prosecutor added: “She had nightmares and was in a right mess.”

He was jailed for four years.

Detective Sergeant Jim Grattan said “I’d like to thank the victims for their bravery this has been ongoing for the last 30 years and today justice has been finally given and hopefully gives them closure. 

“Every effort was made to identify Connors who gave his name as John Connors in 1990 but didn’t provide a correct date of birth, in 2019 a match was found in Ireland for a Michael Connors. 

“Connors was arrested and brought to custody in Carlisle.

“No matter how much time has passed, serious sexual assaults will not be tolerated by Cumbria Constabulary and we will do everything within our power to hold them accountable for their actions and bring them to justice.

“I would encourage anyone who has been victim to a sexual offence to contact police so that our officers can investigate. You will be supported throughout our investigation.

"The Constabulary works closely with trusted partner agencies to provide the appropriate support which is tailored to an individual’s circumstances."

To report a crime, please call police on 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency. Further information on the support available for victims of sexual abuse is available on the Constabulary’s website: www.cumbria.police.uk/Advice-Centre/Personal-Safety/Rape.aspx.