A couple from Whitehaven have tied the knot in a beautifully traditional wedding ceremony.

Gayle and Michael Telford had their ceremony at St Leonard's in the small town of Cleator, near the cricket club and were married by Reverend Nicki Pennington.

Originally the church they wanted was to be at St Michael's in Arlecdon - sharing the same name as the groom - but due to unforeseen restoration work the couple had to change.

This was a long line of changes that the couple had to deal with and rise above in order to get married during a global pandemic and the bride and groom were delighted that they were finally able to get it off the ground.

The happy couple got married third-time lucky after having to postpone the date a shocking three times in order to cater family and friends and to have the wedding they dreamed of.

Bride, Gayle Telford, said:

"We first started planning it in September 2019 with July 2020 being our wedding date, we decided quite early on around April 2020 to postpone obviously due to the covid restrictions and the pandemic.

We rebooked it for March 2021 but in October of the same month we decided to change the date again to July this month.

"It would have been exactly 12 months since our first date and of course our first wedding anniversary if things went to plan."

"Unfortunately it was very upsetting and stressful planning even the day before the wedding because we were worried something could change at any moment."

However it was all worth it in the end as Mr and Mrs Telford ended up sharing one of the happiest days of their lives. "It was a great relief to know we had got there," said Gayle, "I was over the moon the whole day, it was such a happy occasion.

"Everyone enjoyed it."

There would have been 123 guests but some were self-isolating which brought the numbers down to around a hundred.

The venue was at Whitehaven Golf Club, Gayle said: "Karen and her team were amazing, reassuring us along the way, after two postponed dates."

The Venue decor was provided by Hird of Love from Wigton.

Photographs were taken by a close friend of the bride, Ashleigh Ditchburn.

The wedding cake was made by the famous Karen's Bakes of Whitehaven.

Gayle's and Michael's children James and Olivia were also in attendance for the wedding. Gayle said one of her highlights of the wedding was: "My friends and family all being together to celebrate with us."