A COCKERMOUTH primary school has created a stunning Peace Garden and dedicated it in memory of a much-loved former member of staff.

Chris Caddy, of Greysouthen, died last summer. She was well-known in the village and previously worked for more than 25 years at Eaglesfield Paddle School.

Former head teacher Rod Coy, who attended the opening of the fabulous garden, said: "Christine Caddy was just the most wonderful person you could ever wish to meet. Her dedication, kindness and care for everyone shone through in all that she did.

"Chris worked at Paddle for more than 25 years, firstly as a dinner lady and then as school secretary and finally as the school business manager.

"She was an amazing colleague, always ready to take on new challenges, offer advice and do whatever was necessary to help make Paddle the outstanding school it is today.

"Mrs Caddy, as she was known to the children, was the go-to person if you needed anything.

"She supported three headteachers during her time at the school. She loved her garden, walking with her dogs and being in the outdoors.

"Everyone loved Chris."

The garden project began about two years ago, when head teacher Dawn Watson asked Year 5 and 6 children to design a garden for peaceful reflection and wildlife.

"A garden that would be full of colour all year round, would stimulate the senses and be a safe haven for wildlife and people. A place to be quiet, and sit, and reflect, and be immersed in nature’s beauty," said Mrs Watson.

The pupils rose to the challenge, designing the garden and measuring the planters. They calculated the volume of each planter and researched the different types of plants.

They had help from parents, staff and the wider community in the building of the planters and filling them with farm manure and top soil.

"The PCA stepped in too, with a very generous donation, which has made it possible to buy all of these wonderful plants and the friendship bench," said Mrs Watson.

"Other members of the Paddle community have generously donated resources and time.

"The present Year 6 school councillors then wrote to the local garden centres too, asking if they could help us, which they have.

"Every class in the school has been involved in the making of this garden, beavering away, planting, composting, weeding, creating painted pebbles, moving enormous stones and watering."