Plans for affordable homes in a village near Keswick have been submitted.

Although the plans are indicative at this stage, the submitted site plan identifies the potential to provide a mixture of both 2 and 3-bedroom properties across the site on land west of A66, Braithwaite, Keswick.

In total 12 properties are planned along with gardens and parking.

Plans submitted to Lake District National Park Authority shows a vison for 8 properties around a central ‘courtyard’ area and suggests that these properties might vary in height and scale. This is followed by 4 detached properties to be positioned in the southern part of the site and which are also accessed via the courtyard development.

The applicant stated: "It is noted that Allerdale Borough Council as local housing authority recently confirmed that two-bedroom affordable houses are one of the highest areas of need in the North Distinctive Area.

"Annual need for two-bedroom units across the whole area is 27% of the overall surveyed need – this rises to 38% in Keswick's, Hallgarth Estate, in support of a planning application which seeks outline consent for the erection of 12 dwellings together with access and layout at the triangular are of land, west of A66, Braithwaite, near Keswick."

One official letter of representation was submitted by a member of the public who outlined the following objection, however.

They stated: "As a resident at Gatesgarth, directly across the road, the proposed development would have both a

negative impact on the value of my property and impair the rural nature of the area."