TOWN Boss Chris Thorman has said that every win for the rest of the season will be in memory of David Fell – the father of Town ace Gabe who died tragically in recent weeks.

The squad dedicated their win last Sunday to the star simply posting on Facebook to say: “That was for you Gabe Fell, we love you.”

Fell lost his father, who was also a former Rugby League player, last month after he got into difficulty in open water.

Speaking before this Sunday’s game, Thorman said: “Gabe Fell, you know everyone is aware that he lost his father a couple of weeks ago, every victory that we tick off and every performance that we do like that, it's always for Gabe Fell’s dad's memory and we are always thinking of Gabe.”

The fullback was expected to return to training with the club last night, with the coach saying everyone at Derwent Park was excited to see him.

Thorman also said that the side were feeling ‘confident’ ahead of the Town’s League One fixture at West Wales this weekend.

He said: “Were obviously very confident, apart from Keighley West Wales it is our most recent game... it was the last game we played before the Keighley game so you know it’s fairly fresh in our memory, our performance from the last time.

“It was probably our best performance of the year. Even though they are down at the bottom of the table I thought in terms of how we applied ourselves it was very professional, probably one of the most professional forms that we have had at the club and just doing a lot of things that I expect us to do.

“We are going to have to be as good this week because again it's a different proposition when you are travelling there. It's a long journey, you just have to acclimatize to a couple of things.We will prepare this week though and hopefully be good to go on Saturday.”