A local MP and other other officials have voiced their concern over traveller settlements around the area.

Mark Jenkinson, Conservative MP for Allerdale, believes that the travellers are causing problems for Workington and the Allerdale area in general.

Most recently a group of travellers have set up a site in Seaton and Mr Jenkinson, amongst other officials, believes they should be moved on from the area.

Mr Jenkinson said: “We’re still waiting for the police to use their powers as the travellers are causing issues on schools and playing fields.

“They need to step up and act on what needs to be done and prevent criminality within my constituency.

“This group have been around the town for months leaving a trail of destruction it’s beyond a joke.”

Mr Jenkinson explained that the number of travellers in and around the area continue to fluctuate.

They have already been moved out of several playing pitches in the Moorclose and Annie Pitt area, amongst others.

The main issue being raised is that they are continuing to use children’s play areas to reside.

It has been reported that the travellers continue to leave lots of mess.

The most concerning items being nappies filled with human waste and broken glass bottles.

Both of which can pose a hazard to children and others who may be using the leisure facilities.

Mr Jenkinson believes that the authorities may see this as a human rights issue which is why they have not yet acted on the issue in Seaton.

He said: “I think they need to be moved on immediately every time they stop with intent to reside.”

Allerdale Borough Council have also become involved in the matter.

Councillor Mike Johnson, Allerdale Borough Council Leader has worked with Mark Jenkinson to put together a letter.

The letter was then sent to the Chief Constable of Cumbria Police earlier this month.

It focuses on concern of criminal behaviour being committed by the travellers.

Mark Jenkinson has asked that anyone wishing to make representation about the encampment to contact him.

Queries should be emailed to office@mark-jenkinson.co.uk.

Because of the chance of criminal activity occurring people are asked to contact the police on 999 in an emergency.

Alternatively contact 101 or email 101@cumbria.police.uk.