Permission has been sought to build a new footbridge which would give pedestrians a safe place to cross Dovenby Beck.

Cumbria County Council has proposed the construction of a new footbridge over Dovenby Beck, adjacent to the road bridge on the A594.

Safety fears are held for the pedestrians who currently have to share the road bridge with motorists to cross Dovenby Beck.

Alexander Denton of Cumbria County Council submitted the application to build a new footbridge to Allerdale Borough Council.

In the application for planning permission, he said: “There is a potential risk to pedestrians from high speed vehicular traffic as no footway exists at the current location, so the construction of a new footbridge would divert pedestrians onto a safer route.”

A new footbridge would be 10 metres in length and 1.2 metres wide and will bear on concrete abutments. The site of the proposed new bridge is on the Village Green opposite the Ship Inn.

Allerdale Borough Councillor Nicky Cockburn, who represents Broughton St Bridget’s ward has given her full support to the application.

The approaches to the new footbridge would be level with the footpath that is set to be constructed.

Dovenby’s Village Green area sits within a high risk flood area but Mr Denton and his team has made plans to reduce the impact of flooding.

Cumbria County Council produced a flood risk assessment in accordance with the requirement of the Technical Guidance to the National Planning Policy Framework.

“Dovenby Beck is at high risk of flooding from rainfall events.

"The new bridge has been designed with the indicative flood constraints in mind and takes into account anecdotal, historical and site specific flood risk information. The bridge will be bolted down to the abutments so cannot be lifted by rising water."

The public can comment on all planning applications on the Allerdale Council website.

"The risk of debris being snagged on or beneath the bridge will be heavily reduced by the existing bridge upstream which has a lower capacity and already traps much of the debris.

"The proposed new bridge will not increase flood risk elsewhere.”

The assessment said: "The applicant, as potential future manager of the proposed new bridge, is aware of the flood risk and frequency and is satisfied that the impact of any flooding will not adversely affect the proposals."

If planning approval is granted and a new bridge is built, Cumbria County Council will apply for the creation of a new public footpath by agreement between the highways authority and the landowner.

"The new bridge and footpath will then be maintained by the Local Authority in perpetuity."