THREE young entrepreneurs have not only proved their business acumen but also their charitable spirit.

The Year 6 children from Our Lady & St Patrick's School in Maryport decided they wanted to raise money for charity.

The decision and how to go about it was their's alone, with no adult input or interference.

Kian Stuart, Aoife Smith and Patrycja Wojciak spent their summer holidays making loom bands.

When school reopened they were allowed to set up their stall and sell them. They added other items to the stall during the week and took orders for specific items.

The children decided they would share the proceeds between Cancer Research and the RSPCA.

Head of School, Hilary Long, said: "We were so impressed. These children decided to do this all on their own. They organised it, did all the work of making the looms, set it up and were very successful."

She said as a result the school decided to match any funds they made.

The result was better than anyone expected.

The children raised £300 which meant, with the donation from the school, they were able to give £300 to each of their chosen charities."

"We are very proud of them," Mrs Long said, "It was such a thoughtful thing to do and they did it so well."