A CONCERT will be performed to celebrate the anniversary of a couple's last dance together..

The Bonfire Blues will be put on this year at The Old Fire Station in Carlisle at 2pm to 7.30pm, having been put on for the first time five years ago.

Its organiser, Graeme McGregory, said it is being put on to pay tribute to his partner, who loves the blues, and will be used as a fundraiser for a charity.

Graeme and his partner, Ann, have a passion for music, especially the blues. However, recently, their passion has been made more difficult to share.

Graeme explained: "This gig is to celebrate five years since the first Bonfire Blues ­— that was the last time that Ann and I got to dance together because her mobility had got so bad with Alzheimer's following that gig it just wasn't possible anymore.

"I thought we could celebrate the anniversary and put on a gig.

"Ann is in a care home, and can't go to gigs.

"We made it a blues gig because she loved the blues.

"She's got a rare form of Alzheimer's called PCA. It affects spatial awareness and vision. The memory is the last thing to go. We were able to keep Ann happy enjoying gigs for as long as possible, but she got worse.

"Earlier his year I did a couple of gigs in Maryport, but this gig is a celebration and in memory of Ann, and to raise awareness of how music helps people affected by dementia.

"It's a known fact that music can stimulate that part of the brain, so that's what the gig is all about, and at the same time to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

"She was only 59 when she was diagnosed in 2010. It affects people who are young. It was a shock to us, but she carried on enjoying life as much as she could, going to gigs, and when it was obvious that travelling to gigs was difficult, I brought the gigs to Ann."

Graeme had previously won an award from Alzheimer's Society for going the extra mile to campaign for meaningful care home visits to be restored.

Before the pandemic, Graeme would visit Ann five or six times a week, but this ended abruptly when lockdown began.

Despite his heartbreak at missing Ann, Graeme has worked tirelessly to fight for meaningful visits in care homes and to raise public awareness of the issue.

Danny Bryant, a major player in the blues scene, said: "I have known Ann for nearly 20 years and seen how Alzheimer's has affected her.

"It is a privilege to support Ann and Alzheimer's Society at Feel The Bonfire Blues."

The gig costs £17 on the door and all the profits go to Alzheimer's Society.

For more information and to buy a ticket, visit https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Carlisle/Old-Fire-Station/Feel-the-Bonfire-Blues/35914685/.