A NEW residential dwelling will be built on land in Wigton, subject to planning approval from the council.

Allerdale Borough Council has received an application for planning approval from Ian Law with plans to build a dwelling on land adjacent to Stampery House, Burnfoot, Wigton.

The site is a vacant greenfield plot, currently used as a paddock for grazing sheep. The new dwelling will be adjacent to an existing property known as Stampery House which Mr Law owns as well as the site.

The greenfield site is North West of the town centre and approximately 100 metres to the east of Speet Gill, a main river watercourse.

A flood risk assessment was carried out in the preparation of plans by AL Daines and Partners following a request by Allerdale Borough Council.

They made the request in response to an objection from the Environment Agency. Their objection was made on the grounds that part of the site is within their Designated Flood Risk Zones: Flood Zone 2 and Flood Zone 3.

However, AL Daines said: “Historic flooding data of major incidents indicate that there has been no recorded flooding of the site.

In their assessment of site specific risks, the consultants found that the danger of flooding from various threats was “low” or “very low.”

In their conclusions, AL Daines said: “95 per cent of the proposed site is within Flood Zone 1. Also predicted Climate Change increases in flood flows and hence raised levels, do not impact a flood risk to the site.

“If any proposed development is within the FZ1 part of the site then it deems a sequential and exemption test to be un-necessary.”

Assessments were carried out in accordance with the Environment Agency’s own flood risk criteria.

AL Daines said in their report: “This Flood Risk Assessment is written in a format that assesses the available modelling data supplied by the EA and compares it with an on-site topographic survey of existing ground levels to justify that the site is not within the FZ2 and FZ3 envelopes and hence does not require a full FRA.

The public have a right to view and comment on all planning applications submitted for their area.

To view plans submitted in your area, visit the Allerdale Borough Council planning portal.