A FORMER Workington social club is up for sale again – after being an eyesore in the town for a number of years.

Part of the former John Street Social Club has been placed on the market again for a guide price of £5,000 after being sold once before earlier this year.

Councillors in the town have said that the club should be developed ‘quick sharp’ after becoming derelict in recent years.

St Johns Ward Councillor Paul Scott, said: “While it was a thriving club in its day, it has fallen into some disrepair and as a council Allerdale have had to get involved with it because of the disrepair.

“For someone to buy it and turn it into living accommodation or another venue, I think would be fantastic. It would be great for the area.

“It needs to happen and it needs to happen quick to be honest because the outside of it is not particularly good looking and pulls the rest of the area down.

“I would hope someone does buy it and they do it quick sharp.”

Councillor Anthony McGuckin blamed a change in society and drinking habits in the fall of the club trade and suggested a new way forward for the building.

He said: “Unfortunately it's the way of the times and if we don’t do something with these buildings then they end up going to wrack and ruin.

“If we got someone to do these places up and turn them into social housing then that would be fantastic It would lend itself brilliantly for social housing.”

Mr McGuckin sighted the work being done currently at the Trinity Methodist Church in the town as an example for the building's route forward.

The John Street Club was formerly a Catholic social club but has been empty for some time.

It is set over three floors, all with huge rooms which have now been totally stripped out.

The building has been sold off a number of times. However no improvement seems to have taken place.

Councillor Michael Heaslip said: “It would be really good if someone bought it and did something sensible with it that would put it to good use, because at the moment it is just rotting away and it’s going to be a derelict eyesore in the middle of the town.”

The property is listed on Zoopla by Taylor James Auctions.