Police are urging people in West Cumbria to be wary of doorstep callers following concerns over recent suspicious incidents.

Officers received reports over the weekend of a man calling at addresses in the Workington area trying to sell items.

The man left after calling at doors, with many refusing to purchase the goods. But the manner in which he carried out the call was suspicious.

As a result officers are asking people to be on their guard when dealing with people calling at the doorstep and to report any suspicious activity.

As a result of this incident a man is being investigated for acting without a pedlars licence whilst a second man was arrested for a fail to appear warrant in Scotland.

Sergeant Scott Adams said: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind people there are some simple steps they can take to protect themselves against any door-to-door fraud or crime.

“If anyone knocks at your door carrying out door-to-door selling activities, please ensure that they have identification, a contact telephone number for their head office and a registered business or charity number.

“If anyone has any doubts of the credibility of any doorstep seller then they are not to engage with them and politely decline their business.”

Officers would also ask any people with elderly or vulnerable relatives and neighbours to share the message with them. It is often the most vulnerable in our society that criminals target.

Anyone with information about any suspicious incidents can contact police on 101.