Haunted houses continue to be a popular attraction in the UK, with estate agents choosing to market available properties with their dark past.

In a survey of 2,000 people conducted by Mashroom, over half of UK adults (57%) would consider living in a property knowing it’s got an unpleasant history. Those surveyed confirmed they would not mind if their home would be known for being haunted or even the fact that someone was murdered there.

Men are twice as likely as women to say that they are confident that their house is haunted. Men are also much more likely to consider living in a haunted property with 64% saying they would, compared to just 37% of women.

Agents have to disclose a ‘fair’ amount of information to property buyers and this includes ‘material information '. ‘Fair’ can be interpreted in a few ways and ‘haunted’ might not be one of them.

It is the ethical choice to disclose this information to buyers. It's not worth deviating from the rules to ensure your property sells, especially with the internet that allows tenants to have access to a wealth of information that can get you in trouble in the long term.

Further information on the survey can be found on https://mashroom.com/blog/a-dark-past-could-you-live-in-a-home-with-a-terrible-history-7260