An application for the instalment of new houses in an Allerdale village has been recommended for approval.

Gleeson Homes are proposing the erection of up to 40 dwellings and associated infrastructure in a plot of land adjacent to the Wheatsheaf on Abbey Road, Abbeytown.

The housing company believe that the additional houses to be provided by the proposal would increase access to affordable housing in the Borough and ensures a deliverable supply of housing land that meets the needs of the community and local economy, as well as the Council Plan in terms of strengthening the economy and supporting the development of new homes where they are needed.

The development is for 39 two storey dwellings comprising of eight four-bedroom, 25 three-bedroom and six two-bedroom houses. Four affordable low-cost dwellings are also proposed. The housing mix is considered to be acceptable.

It is also believed that the highway arrangements are acceptable. It was proposed that suitable visibility splays can be provided to allow for a safe vehicular access. Gleeson also state that parking standards will also be met.

A suitable Ecological Appraisal has been provided for the proposal along with soft landscaping plans.

The proposal will retain boundary hedging and trees. Additional tree planting is proposed throughout the scheme and infill hedgerow is proposed to the outer boundaries, which will be secured by condition.

The parish council expects that the relevant authorities should be entirely satisfied that flood risk will not be increased for any resident in the locality by this development.