COCKERMOUTH is a charging point desert when it comes to electric cars, a town councillor told a recent council meeting.

"Increasingly tourists and visitors will avoid Cockermouth if there is nowhere to charge their vehicles," said Coun Richard Watson.

"Car salesmen I have spoken to recently have told me that Cockermouth is a charging 'desert' and that this is deterring would be purchasers of EVs who live in the area," he said.

He is calling for action to be taken. "By pushing ahead with this the council would be demonstrating our commitment to the town, the environment and the future.

"We would be taking a lead and doing something pro-active in support of our declaration of a climate emergency," he said.

"We have been waiting for Allerdale and the county council to do something, I suggest we get the ball rolling."

Coun Isabel Burns said: "It annoys me that the county can put them at Allerdale House in Workington and Keswick but not here. They could put one by the Coroners' Building."

Other councillors agreed that could be a good location.

The transport infrastructure document which the county council recently brought out was all about electric vehicles, said Coun Grace Bennion. "If people cannot charge their cars here businesses will lose out," she added.

It was agreed that the council should write to Allerdale and the county council and work out the best way forward.