ELECTRICITY North West is continuing to prioritise repairs to restore power to the most customers as quickly as possible as engineers continue to respond to the devastating power network damage caused by Storm Arwen.

Since Friday evening, the power network operator has seen more than 600 incidents on the network which has caused 83,000 properties to be without power at some point.

Engineers have now restored power to more than 67,000 properties and the power network operator has drafted in even more additional resources today to help repair the severe damage.

Stephanie Trubshaw, Electricity North West’s Incident Manager and Customer Director, said: “Our teams have worked tirelessly across the region restoring power to our customers.

“Storm Arwen is one of the worst wind storms the North West has seen in years.

"The damage has been devastating not only to the power network, but many roads have also been blocked because of fallen debris and snow.

“We’ve drafted in even more resources today and we’re working to restore power to all of our customers as quickly and as safely as possible.”

As well as additional resources who will help restore power, Electricity North West is also working with several of its partners including British Red Cross, various local resilience forums in Cumbria and Kendal Emergency.

Stephanie Trubshaw added: “It has been an extremely difficult time for our customers and I want to thank them for their patience, it isn’t easy and we’re doing all we can to prioritise the critical issues.

“Our customer contact centre has handled more than 33,000 calls and we’re proactively contacting our Priority Services Register throughout the day.

“I also ask our customers to utilise our social media channels to report any incidents stating the location and postcode.

“We’re also continuing to work with closely with our partners in the emergency services and local authorities as we manage this major incident while we focus on restoring power.”

Agencies across Cumbria are continued their response to Storm Arwen and the subsequent power outage which may continue to impact many throughout last night.

Electricity North West are working to restore power as soon as possible to those who remain without electricity. Over 50,000 homes have had power restored, however thousands more households may be without electricity overnight.

A coordinated effort is underway to support those who are without power, with provisions and supplies being prioritised to those deemed most vulnerable – who agencies are contacting directly.

With low temperatures expected to continue throughout the night, motorists are asked to take care if they are travelling. Some petrol stations have been impacted by the power outage and drivers are encouraged to be mindful of this ahead of any journey.

Many of the roads impacted by the high winds during the past 24 hours have been cleared. Motorists are encouraged to continue to drive to the conditions.

The public are requested to kindly continue to look after vulnerable people in their communities; if you are aware of an individual who is vulnerable, please check on them and support them, make sure they have the right medication and provisions. If they do require medication or care, please contact their care provider as soon as you are able.

If you see power lines down, do not approach them. Report them to Electricity North West on 105.