A property in Cumbria has featured on Rightmove’s list of most viewed properties in 2021.

The property was recently hailed the most remote in all of England, only being accessible by foot or 4x4.

Situated in the middle of Skiddaw Forrest in Cumbria, the property was built in 1829 by the Earl of Egremont of Cockermouth Castle.

The property is only accessible by foot or 4x4. And if you’re interested, you’re not the only one!

Times and Star: Can you spot the property? (Rightmove)Can you spot the property? (Rightmove)

Not only did it place as the 6th most viewed property this year, but it was also the most viewed on Rightmove in all of August.

England's most remote property

Skiddaw House is a 19th Century shooting lodge used over the years as a gamekeeper’s lodge, shooting cabin, shepherds dwelling, schools field centre, rambler’s bothy and currently, as a youth hostel.

It is based near Bassenthwaite, Keswick, where you will begin your journey to the remote property.

Times and Star: Skiddaw House (Rightmove)Skiddaw House (Rightmove)

It boasts 6 bedrooms and incredible surrounding views.

Rightmove lists the property looking for offers in the region of £1,500,000, so it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

To find out more about England’s most remote property, visit the Rightmove listing here.

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