Anger over a lack of swimming provision in Keswick rages on after it was revealed many residents have stopped the activity altogether, after the closure of the town's leisure centre.

A Keswick resident and the town's elected councillor both voiced concerns about a lack of swimming provision at a meeting of Allerdale Borough Council on Wednesday.

Resident Ian Stockdale and Labour councillor Markus Campbell-Savours are both involved in the Friends of Keswick Leisure campaign group which was set-up after Allerdale Council closed the town's swimming pool.

The council's leadership made a decision to close the popular swimming pool during the Covid-19 pandemic as it had fallen into disrepair having been closed for an extended period during lockdown.

Maintenance workers who visited the pool in lockdown found a number of age-related problems with the tiling, drainage and filters.

But the campaign group has hit out at Allerdale Council over a lack of alternate swimming provision.

Speaking at the meeting this week, Mr Stockdale said: "The group Friends of Keswick Leisure recently carried out a survey on their Facebook pages which showed that 81 per cent of residents who responded have stopped swimming completely following the closure of the Keswick pool."

He said: "Firstly, did the council conduct an impact assessment of the effect of the closure on the community and secondly, how did the council assess the capacity of other Allerdale facilities after Keswick's closure, including impact on other communities trying to access pool time?"

Leader of Allerdale Borough Council Mike Johnson said: "Firstly, I think it's important to recall that the closure of the pool was made for health and safety reasons. But yes, an impact assessment was undertaken at the time of the closure."

The study took into account all members, clubs and casual users.

Cllr Johnson said: "And an assessment was made that there is sufficient capacity at other pools in Allerdale to accommodate those previously using Keswick pool."

Cllr Campbell-Savours identified issues with accessibility which are set to be addressed by the council.

He said: "Following the announcement that Allerdale Council would be closing Keswick Leisure Centre, Keswick Council has asked that we help support existing users in accessing alternate provision."

Cllr Campbell-Savours said that Keswick's main junior school has not yet received offers of support. He said that the transport cost for a single year group to visit other pools was more than £2,000.

"Can Allerdale Borough Council reconfirm it's commitment to help support Keswick residents, not least our children, access alternative provision? Can this also include reasonable financial assistance for schools and clubs with transport costs?"

Cllr Johnson said: "In short, councillor, yes and yes."

When asked how that would be achieved, he said: "As we have done previously, engaging with the groups that have previously been using it. So if we need to re-engage, we'll re-engage."