PLANS have been revealed for nine homes at Bridgefoot near Workington.

Allerdale Council has received an application for planning permission to build nine homes on land at Scots Croft in Bridgefoot.

Cumbria County Council has submitted the plans for a small residential development in outline.

This means that plans for homes at the site will be agreed or rejected in principal before a second, more detailed application is submitted.

In their planning statement, the applicant said that nine is an early estimate for the number of homes: "The overall housing number is unknown at this stage. It is therefore possible that, in light of the pure outline form of this application, the final scheme may deliver more then nine units."

Nevertheless, Cumbria County Council said that the development will be built "to a reasonable and appropriate size in accordance with the local context."

They said: "Each unit will have an adequate number of parking spaces as set out in Cumbria design manual for highways, which indicates parking requirements for less than 10 properties need only be two per property."

Explaining early plans for the layout, the county council said: "As this is an outline planning application, specific details would be agreed at Reserved Matters stage. The layout of the indicative scheme, however, takes the form of terrace, semi-detached and detached housing which has been staggered so the buildings are not regimented to emulate that of the existing development, particularly Scots Croft and Sycamore Garth and other surrounding streets.

Access to the site will be from Fell View to the west of the site."

Care has been taken to ensure that traffic issues are not caused by the new homes.

The council's planning statement said: "The vehicular entrance to the site is proposed off Fell View road to the west of the development site.

"This location facilitates sufficient visibility in both directions, ensuring the safety of vehicles entering and exiting the site, in line with the provisions of the Cumbria Design Guide and Manual for Streets."

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Allerdale Borough Council for approval.

Planning councillors will take comments of support or objection into account when deciding whether to give the greenlight.

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