A TOWN council has been left 'heartbroken' after a serious incident of vandalism in a town centre park.

Workington Town Council have expressed their sadness at the destruction of trees and a new CCTV equipment that was placed in Vulcan Park less than 24 hours prior.

A spokesman for the council said: "Words escape us - we are all just absolutely heartbroken.

"Less than 24 hours since they were installed new lighting posts in Vulcan Park have been damaged.

"As if this wasn't bad enough a number of trees in our park have been vandalised and actually cut down, why?"

The incident was reported to police just after 10pm on Wednesday, January 12.

Chair of the council Paul Scott said: "We have ongoing work in Vulcan's Park to improve it and make it safer for residents.

"The introduction of lighting and cctv in the near future alongside new and exciting things for families to do will really improve things for our residents in Workington.

"This type of premeditated criminal damage is outrageous; someone walking around our streets with a knife or axe capable of doing this is a very serious issue.

"It just makes me feel sick to my stomach; it's hard to improve our town on a budget, but this type of damage adds to council costs and ultimately comes out of the tax payer pockets."

Police have urged anyone who has not yet done so, who witnessed what occurred or has any information which may assist to get in touch, referencing incident number 204 of January 12 2022.

Anyone with information relating to this incident can report online at cumbria.police.uk/reportit.