THE jewel in the crown of Workington's traditions will return this spring after a two-year break caused by Covid.

This Easter will see the return of the town's Uppies and Downies, to the great delight of many in the community.

The return of the game also coincides with a special Jubilee year for the tradition, with special balls being made to honour the Queen's Jubilee.

Lifelong Uppie and a member of the charity commitee which raises money for charities in the area, Elvin Jarvis, said: "I just think this is massive and it's great to have the game back for the town.

"It's just unique, I've now got a little boy who is eight and he is already saying that he wants to play, so this game has got to continue.

"Normally when it's a special occasion like a jubilee you get a lot more players coming down to play.

"There has definitely been a miss, we have wanted to play (over the past two years) but we have had to stick to the rules and regulations obviously.

"There definately is a buzz around the town and everyone is getting excited that it's nearly time."

When asked if he thought it was the town's most important tradition, Elvin said: "It definitely is. You can have your town and Whitehaven matches, but for us, this is the big thing.

"We want to encourage all the past players and players that thought it maybe wouldnt happen again to come out."

The game is a 'happening' which see's two sides of the town compete to hail the ball with the Uppies hailing at Curwen Hall and Downies hailing at the Port.

There are no organisers of the game and it has been known over the years for its uniqness in having no apparent rules.

Workington Town Councillor and supporter of The Uppies and Downies, Lynda Williams, said: "This is definitely important to the people of Workington especially the players and spectators.

"The games attract hundreds of people you see whole families down there watching the Uppies and Downies."

The game will return for its play this Good Friday, Easter Tuesday and the following Saturday.