What started as a personal journey into a woman's own wellbeing has transformed into a business that looks to heal others. 

Cindy Hoten, professional performer and trained counsellor, has been practicing in the works of Reiki energy healing since 2016. 

During lockdown, Cindy started to transform her garden into what will become the Reiki Soul Retreat, in Workington. 

"Reiki's getting bigger and bigger now, more people are in need of a lot of healing and holistic treatments after the past couple of years. 

"I'm quite a pragmatic person, but I looked at Reiki from scientific point of view, everything has an energy, and for me, Reiki is about looking after your own energy - much like a mobile phone battery. 

"I facilitate the person so that they have tools and techniques to top up their own energy levels," she said. 

Times and Star: INSIDE: The newly crafted therapy roomINSIDE: The newly crafted therapy room

What makes Cindy different from other Reiki healers, is the fact she combines her wealth of experience as vocal coach and therapist within her practice. 

"During lockdown, I used vocal therapy to help treat anxiety, dementia and mental health, so this seems to be like the next step for me," she said. 
Cindy, who has performed on stage with both Janis Joplin and Westlife, said she feels she is being "guided" into this. 

The performer, who has dealt with her own health issues came to the point in which she used her vocal training to help remove fluid from her lungs. 

"And I made a promise that if I got well, I would make other people well," she said. 

Since then, Cindy has been proactive in care homes throughout the area to try and improve others wellbeing, as well as offering therapy sessions. 

"I've developed a practice that combines the physical and the mental together, I'm very much aware that what see and absorb mentally has an affect on us - my idea is to put them all together into a fun everyday package," she said. 

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Whilst some remain sceptic towards Reiki, Cindy advises coming to try it because at the very least you'll have a relaxing therapeutic experience. 

"You don't have to be a believer, you just have want to get yourself better and and be open to something different," she said. 

Cindy will be hosting her first exhibition this weekend on March, 20 at the Sacred Haven event, Ennerdale House in Cleator Moor, from 10am - 4pm.  

"I'm a performer on one hand but, this is a very personal side to me, so I'm apprehensive but excited to show this very personal side to me," she said.